How to Make a Swedo-Medieval Genealogist

Take one Swede with a passion for genealogy.  Add about 7 years of archaeology and research, a dash of Latin, two sprigs of utter obsession, and let simmer for 20 years.

That’s how to make… me.

The theme for this blog is a product of my personal genealogical journey.  Swedish by birth, my most immediate family are all born and bred from the soil of Western Sweden.  And Northern Sweden. And Central Sweden.  Not so much the very south, or that bit that’s half-way between the far north and the centre. Some of my ancestors, as it turned out, had researched connections leading back to medieval times and out into Europe. This meant figuring out how to work with unusual source material indeed.

Over the years, I’ve collected about 10 or 12,000 ancestors with families which is a respectable number.  My own research wasn’t so respectable, however, and I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit to.  Over the last year, I began a new journey: To Boldly Document Where No Genealogist Has Documented Before.

That sounds a little too grandiose, not least because lots of people have already documented some of the people I research.  But I want MY research to be properly documented. That means checking sources and making sure that I’ve dotted all my i’s and crossed all my t’s.

In this process I’ve picked up some mad genealogical skills, and this is the forum I’ve chosen to share those skills with you. It’s also a means to share my personal journey from hobbyist to professional genealogist, and to help you get just as obsessed as I am with finding out all you can about your Swedish and medieval European ancestors.

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